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Raising Your Teen To Be A Responsible Adult

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Raising Your Teen To Be A Responsible Adult

When your children are small, it is easy to see why you need to be active in their lives. Many people do not feel you need to be as active with teenagers. While you don't need to spend every waking moment with them, it is important that you have a presence in their lives. It is your job to make sure that they are raised right, and this article will help you do that.

Keep track of what they are doing in their spare time. There is nothing wrong with allowing your teen to have some independence, but you should not allow them to do whatever they want. It is important that you set boundaries for them to follow. Curfew and definitive rules will make this a lot easier to do. While there may be some resistance at the beginning, they will get used to the rules as long as you make sure they are followed.

Make sure to check in with your teen when they are not in you presence. There is no reason to be obsessive and call them every minute or two, but a text here and there is acceptable. Ask where they are and who they are with, so you know that they are perfectly safe. If you have any doubts about who they are with, ask them if you can speak to the person in question. You may be viewed as a monster for verifying, but it is in their best interest.

You should ask your child to bring their friends over so you can meet them. There are many parents out there that have no idea who the people are in their children's lives, and this is not something to be proud of. You have to do your research to make sure that your child is not hanging around inappropriate people. Make sure that the reasons you give them are valid for keeping them away from certain people. Style of dress and ethnic background are a couple of examples of what is unacceptable.

Pay close attention to how your child is doing in school. You don't want to be that parent that arrives at a parent-teacher conference with no idea of why they are there. Ask your child daily about what they did in school, and ask to see any graded papers they have gotten back. If you see a decline in your child's performance, it is your job to step in and find out what the issue is.

Talk to your child every single day. Even if they are not going to be home, make sure that you make some type of contact. While your child may balk at spending countless hours on the phone with you, they probably won't mind chatting for a few minutes. Ask them how they are doing, and pay attention to verbal cues. There are times when they may tell you that everything is peachy and there are huge issues beneath the surface.

It is very important for you to be a part of your teen's life. Even though they are getting older, you are still the parent. The better you relationship is, the higher the likelihood they will become a productive adult.

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