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Understanding and Living In Peace With Your Teen

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Understanding and Living In Peace With Your Teen

When children grow up and become teenagers, being a parent becomes a lot more difficult. Everything you thought you knew has just changed, which means you have a lot to learn. You want your teen's home environment to be peaceful and stable. The best way to accomplish that is by following Urban Parenting's advice to a happier life.

-Do not be afraid to give your child their space. Many people feel like teens do not have rights, and this can cause a huge rift in the parent-child relationship. While you need to keep an eye on your teen, you need to keep in mind that they are getting older and they are going to want privacy. It is perfectly fine to require them to spend some time with the family, but you should also give them personal time to do some of the things they enjoy.

-Pick your battles with your teen. It is not really necessary for all of your disagreements to turn into World War III. There are many arguments that are valid and they require you to be particularly stern, but there are some you can let go. The best way to decide which is which may not be as complicated as you think. Whenever you are angry with your child, take 20 minutes before speaking with them about it. If you are not as angry in that short time, it means that the issue is not that important.

-Get to know the people they are hanging out with. This is good for both of you. Your teen will be glad that they can spend more time with their friends, and you will get the chance to check them out. Keep an open mind. Do not judge your teen's friends simply because they are of a different racial background or socioeconomic status. This will only make your child resent you in the end.

-Do not make rules at the spur of the moment. When you have new rules your teen needs to follow, you need to make it clear to them ahead of time. It is not fair for you to make them up as you go along. Think about it! How can you expect someone to avoid breaking a rule that they did not know existed? If they do something you do not approve of and there has been no explicit rule before, let it go this time, but let them know there will be consequences in the future.

-Do not be a hypocrite. This statement means more than any other one here. If you want your teen to be good and live their lives a certain way, you have to provide an example for them. Even if you set rules, your teen will not want to follow them if you are doing the opposite. You are an adult and you are allowed to do what you like, but think about how this will affect your relationship with your teen.

When you implement these tips into your life, you should see your relationship with your teen improve dramatically. It may take a while for things to be smooth, but if you stick with these rules, everything will be fine.

So UP Family, what tips and strategies do you have for living in peace with a teen or vice versa? Let's hear your thoughts!

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