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BPB: Celebrating Brown Mamas with Cindy M.

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Meet  Mrs. Cindy Mendoza,


UPmag: What's your story?


CM: My name is Cindy Mendoza and I am a wife and mother of three sons from the nation's most livable city: Pittsburgh.  I went to college for journalism at Point Park University and have worked in broadcast and print radio.  I am an avid reader, budding gardener and most importantly I blog at about the unique, exciting and phenomenal experience of being an African-American mom.


UPmag: What makes your family special?


CM: What makes our family special is our sense of unity.  Man, we've stuck together through some hard times.  From moving to another state to financial instability- our family knows not only how to make a rebound, but each hardship only brings us closer and makes us love each other more.




UPmag: What inspired you to start your blog?


CM: I started my blog in 2013 because I had begun a local group called Pittsburgh Brown Mamas and wanted to spread awareness about the group.  I also want the blog to serve as a calling card for African-American mothers that it's okay to focus on motherhood, intensely.  I also want Black moms to know that motherhood doesn't have to be and is not a burden, but a blessing.


UPmag: What's your mission?


CM: The mission of is to assist moms-of-color in enjoying their motherhood journey.




UPmag: What's the best parenting advice you've been given?


CM: The best parenting advice I've ever received is that I cannot and will not be in charge of my children's life journey.  It's their life.  My job is to be a teacher when there's a question to be asked, be a comforter when they fall and have the best back-up plan possible.


UPmag: What's the worst parenting advice you've been given?


CM: Once my son got caught cussing at school.  A friend of mines told him that there was a time and place for everything.  But, if you are raising children of excellence they must understand that there is no time or place for bad behavior... that has the potential to reflect badly on the people who love you.  A child should be raised to ALWAYS behave in a manner that speaks volumes to the time, commitment and love that was put into his or her upbringing.


UPmag: What's your 'must know parenting' advice to our readers?


CM: No excuses.  I would say to not allow your children to use anything as a crutch and also don't allow yourself to see any disability in their life as a reason not to act.  Rather your child has a disability, an absentee mother or father, lives in a bad neighborhood or anything that can be considered a detriment to their life, make sure they understand that it's a challenge to be vibrantly overcome not a reason to be stagnated.

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