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Finding Supermom: Coping with Crying

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Finding Supermom: Coping with Crying Featured



Why Babies Cry?

  1. Hunger
  2. Too hot or too cold
  3. Diaper needs changing
  4. Discomfort/pain,fever/illness
  5. Teething
  6. Colic
  7. Boredom/ over-stimulation
  8. Fear- of loud noises or a stranger

Understanding you Baby


Taking care of your baby is the most amazing time of your life! But, when your baby won't stop crying, it can be very upsetting for you and caregivers. Yet, it is normal for your baby to cry. In fact, a baby may cry for two to three hours a day- sometimes more!

Nonstop crying is difficult got all parents to cope with. Here are some tips on when to spot and stop crying:

  1. Crying happens most often in the evenings
  2. Crying may start or stop and you don't know why
  3. Crying may not stop no matter what you do
  4. Your baby's crying will not harm him or her

Ways to calm your baby


It may seem like your baby cries more than others, but ALL babies cry. You can do the following things to try to sooth your baby.

  1. Check the reasons your baby may be crying such as basic needs (see above)
  2. Offer your baby a pacifier
  3. Hold your baby against your chest
  4. Massage, rock, or walk with your baby
  5. Sing, hum, or talk to the baby
  6. Take the baby for a ride in the carseat or stroller
  7. If your baby is not in distress, place the baby in a safe place (such as a crib) and let him cry; check on him every 5-10 minutes to make sure he or she is alright

In the end, check with your baby's doctor if you think your baby is crying too much. Remember, you may be a Supermom, but it's always okay to ask for help!


Tips on handling Frustration or Mommy Fatigue

  1. Think about about you love your baby
  2. Relax, take a bath, shower, exercise, or play music
  3. Call a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor and ask them to watch the baby and to give you a needed break
  4. Sit down, close your eyes, and take 20 deep breaths
  5. Talk to someone. Call one of the crisis hotlines- 911 (Don't take your frustration out on your baby. NEVER shake a baby!)


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