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This year was incredible to say the least. The realities owning, building, and trying to grow your own business in America can be a dream killer. Especially, when it's a business that you love and a field that you feel called to with a genuine purpose and a plan that's bigger than anyone has even envisioned.


In short, this is no get rich quick scheme. This is an opportunity to us to forgo what we thought were careers to live our faith and empower everyday people- just like you and me.

Yet, good intentions does not protect from money hungry sharks, broken hearts, or innocent children who do not know why they need to give mommy and daddy some space to quickly problem solve.

This year, the Urban Parenting family has been sued, endured divorce, and met wonderful moms and dads all over the world that encourage us to keep going. So this, in essence, is for you. Our faithful readers, our crazy supporters, our home team! Thank you! We would not be here without you and we do this for you. Each of you matter to us.

So what was 2014 like for us? 2014 was a time for change, a chance to choke down the pain of the past, and open the door to welcome new beginnings. From parent to parent, the best way to walk into your destiny is to let go and forgive. So instead of wasting hours on a New Year's resolution list, we invite you to create an annual New Year's Forgiveness List.

The concept for the New Year's Forgiveness List was created by our former Editor-in-Chief and co-founder, Debbie Matters.  Debbie is an Infant Mental Health Advocate, the mother of two wicked smart preschoolers, and recently survived a divorce. It was during this time that she just felt like the new year needed to come in with cleansing, instead of crying. So in place of setting the traditional annual goals for herself, she decided to first forgive herself, flaws and all, and then forgive or seek forgiveness of others.

As she closed an amazing chapter of her life in hopes of a new narrative; other names and faces began to pop up in her head. She started to think of other untold stories and chapters that have been undone in her life. So she went back to the beginning so to speak. She took time to meditate, reflect, and then reached out to people in her past that she had not talked to in years and just said, "Sorry. Please forgive me". In some cases, she sent private Facebook messages, while others she just said a little prayer for, or let the universe know that she forgives them and is finally free to move on. Needless to say, it was embarrassing, vulnerable, scary, and ultimately, the most life settling. It helped her to be at peace with her life. It helped her to see that not only does she matter, but that we all matter. We all have lives that crash into and burn each other from time to time. Yet a new day is on the horizon... What a simply freeing ideal- to stop, look back, and forgive. It was sincerely one of the hardest and most authentic things she has ever done in her life. She overcame her fears of what others may think of her and just did what she felt right in her heart.  Now, what about you- are you up for the challenge? Do you remember an old friend, family member, or love that you need to forgive or seek forgiveness from? Tweet us your Forgiveness List journey @UrbanParentMag

There's no time better than now. Make this your best year yet. Forgive.




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