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Bubble Bum Review

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As a mom working a stressful, high-energy day care job, I try to find ways around the hustle and bustle wherever I can to allow myself a little bit of peace. I seek out easier methods of doing things, and simple fixes. The Bubble Bum Car Booster Seat is right up to parr in that way---easy to understand, easy to inflate, easy to assemble with the seatbelt, and a load of stress off the brain!

I have fallen in love with how compact and easy to use this booster seat is!

Often times, I get overwhelmed and lose track of things. I take a look in my tote and have to remind myself that the unusual mound of fabric hiding in the corner is not just fabric but a piece of equipment sitting there in its deflatedness that actually works . It is indeed a booster seat there for my convenience!

The first thing that came to mind when I saw an advertisement for the Bubble Bum Car Booster seat was the old, self-inflating mattresses that we carried along on our back-packing trips in the college days. They were surprisingly compact when deflated and fit in our packs without using much space. These booster seats are simply the miniature version! I was intrigued and taken back to the good ol' days for a brief moment in time.


Those days are over, however, and the kids are of utmost importance now.

As a daycare teacher and mom, safety is always the first thing on my mind and the first thing to keep me awake at night, especially when it comes to carting the kids around in the car. You never know what will happen or when it will happen, so preparation is definitely good to think about. The last thing we want to see is our little ones getting bruised and beaten due to a lack of safety measures!

With that in consideration, we've also always struggled with fitting all of the boosters we needed into the van at one time so safe, efficient transportation was a task. The traditional booster seats are heavy, bulky and constant in shape. Their armrests interfere with the placement of a second booster in close proximity.
The inflatability and flexibility of the Bubble Bum Car Booster Seat, on the other hand, allowed us to squeeze enough booster seats in to transport more kids in a given trip.

Another plus, these seats are only about $30 a pop, which is definitely affordable considering all that they have to offer and how regularly we make use of them. Not only did the daycare stock up for our summertime field trips with the kids, but I've also started my own stash pile at home for family in case the girls ever have their friends over.

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