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Cardiff Travel Headrest Review

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This is truly a great invention. I wish I'd of thought of it myself!

The moment I caught wind of the Cardiff Travel Headrest, I knew I had to learn more about it, and boy, am I glad I stuck with my gut on this one.

After hearing of this product, I thought back to my own childhood and the memories of miserable, sleepless days on the road without any creature comforts. My little brother and I were always cranky and sore after napping in the car. We argued with each other and pestered the adults about expected arrival times. The adults were cranky too, probably from dealing with the cranky kids. Planned adventures and tours were a drag and it was hard to fully absorb our surroundings. There was no rest. Would anyone ever want their children to endure such things if there was a way out of it? Heck no!

My poor children were born unto a family of travelers themselves and have endured many long, painful road trips down unmaintained dirt roads over the years, simply to get to the ideal camping area or fishing spot. They have toughed-out excursions across the country, across borders, and everywhere in between solely to satisfy Mom and Dad's desire to experience every city and wild land the planet has to offer.

I took the risk. I bought this product. I LOVED it.

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The Cardiff Travel Headrests were about $50 dollars each and a bargain, in my opinion, for as often as we use them when we travel.

We ordered the products on priority a few days before a trip to Colorado. They came just in the nick of time, and I was ever excited to try them out.

The instructions were easy to follow and the travel headrests were easy to attach to the normal headrests. I generally get frustrated when it comes to technology and assembling things myself---most often I put the task off for someone else to do. But this time around, I got it done in a jiffy without struggle.

We tossed the kids in the car and hit the road for the first time with the new headrests installed.

They were weary of trying them at first, but with a little coaxing they finally gave it a whirl. They commented on how "cool" and comfortable they were and made a point to use them at every opportunity, whether for sleep or comfort during reading time.

I've always wanted my children to see the beauty of the world and learn to experience it and pass it onto their own kids, but it seems like a struggle most often. With the Cardiff Travel Headrest, I feel as though there will be more of an opportunity for this since the kids will be more awake and energized, ready to explore.

Oh, and just to add a little more, the Cardiff Travel Headrests work great for we tired adults too!

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