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My Buckle Mate Review

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As a working mother on a limited budget, I've never been the type to fall for and spend my hard-earned cash on every new, life-saving invention that hits the market. In fact, in most troubled situations, I'm the one in the kitchen slaving away over a hot stove to meld together some home-made cleaning concoction of lemon juice, baking soda and whatever else I happen to find in the cupboards for the sole purpose of saving a buck. I'm the one repairing a set of glasses frames with duct tape and plastic straws. Over the years, I've clearly developed a minimalistic, non-materialistic point of view and I'm as proud as can be about it.

That being said, "My Buckle Mate" was an exception. It has been one of the very few exceptions to the rule. And It is worth the investment, times ten, to say the least. It is amazing how something so seemingly minute could affect the big picture so greatly. That must say something.

For one, the price is unbeatable. I paid less than $20 for a pack of two a while back, and they are still standing tall and working hard to this very day! From what I've seen so far, I can't imagine needing to replace this set with a new one any time in the future.

The easy-to-follow instructions and basic assembly of the product got me excited as well. It seems that many products in the world today consist of a thousand, cheaply-made bits and pieces that we are expected to understand and put together in a blink of an eye. But the makers of these products fail to understand the time limitations and already-present stresses of everyday life as a mother. "My Buckle Mate" was straight to the point, and ready to use within a few moments.

They are easy to disassemble, if need be, and the plastic has proven to be sturdy enough to withstand every tribulation encountered. This is an utter convenience, for instance, when my eldest daughter blessed with the artist's "make-a-mess-out-of-anything" gene, enters the vehicle with her latest fiasco. This means that absolutely everything---from candy and soda, to bugs and boogers---finds its way into the vehicle and onto every surface. The material of the "My Buckle Mate" is easy to wipe clean, and the little debris of god-knows-what don't get shoved as far down into the crevices holding the seatbelts in place. aka EASY CLEANING FOR MOM!!

Most importantly, they really do make it easier for my girls to get buckled in safely during hasty times when mom is already overwhelmed with the situation at hand.

All in all, I give this product five stars and two thumbs up for limiting the little stresses that add up to big stresses. After all, it's all about the little things in life.

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